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 Ugoos UT3 Manual

Hieronder tref je de Manual aan van de Ugoos UT3. De afstandsbediening is van de Ugoos UM3 hetzelfde. Aansluitingen tussen de UT3 en UM3 verschillen.


1 Product Overview
2 Installation instructions
3 Installation
4 Instructions of Remote control
5 Functions introduction
6 Accessories

1. Product Overview


  1. HDMI kabel
  2. (OTG) USB kabel
  3. Power supply (adapter)
  4. Afstandsbediening
  5. Ugoos UT3 Android TV Box


2. Installatie instructies

  1. DC – Adapter ingang
  2. Optical Audio output (SPDIF)
  3. HDMI output (voor naar de TV)
  4. 2 USB poorten
  5. 1Gbit LAN aansluiting




  1. HDMI input
  2. (OTG) USB poort
  3. SD-kaart slot
  4. Recovery button (t.b.v. firmware handmatig laden)
  5. AV-output


3. Installation

1. Connect to TV

With HDMI High-Definition output and AV composite Video output function, you van enjoy visual pleasure simply by connectiong the box and TV set with HDMI High-Definition video Cable.

2. Start up

After the Box powered on, please press the Box switch, then the Box begins to start.

3. Networking

The Box supports both the Wired and Wireless Network Access.

3.1 Wired Access: Connect the router and the Box by one networking cable via LAN port (the Networking cable is required to be purchased individually)
3.2 Wireless Access: Go to the ‘Network Settings’ of the Box, select the available Wifi hot point.

Now please freely enjoy the Audio Visual experience of the Android TV Box.



4. Instructions of Remote Control


  1. Power on/off
  2. Homepage
  3. Menu
  4. OK / Direction key: Up/Down/Left/Right
  5. Back
  6. Common
  7. Volume –
  8. Volume +


5. Functions Introduction

1. Media Center

The Box media center function includes the video player and picture browser. The Box supports SD card / TF card / USB Disk Drive / Mobile Phone / PC as well as Video picture file playback from other networking devices. The Box supports all formats high definition video, music and picture like m2ts / flac / jpeg.

2. DLNA Multimedia Sharing

The Box supports DLNA multimedia sharing. Just simply make your device like mobile phone / tablet PC / and the Bpox in the same local area network. Now you can share the video / music from your phone / tablet PC onto the big TV screen via the Box.

Warm reminder: Your mobile device Android version should be over version 4.0 at least, or it is installed the DLNA client already.

3. Bluetooth

The Box supports Blueooth functions. Turn on your house Bluetooth device like Bluetooth speaker / Bluetooth headset / Bluetooth handle / Mobile phone, then open the Box Bluetooth function. Box will automatically search the signal of the Bluetooth device finally connect it successfully.

Now you can enjoy the life convenience freely brought by Bluetooth function.

4. Audio Optical Fiber

The Box has one Audio Optical Fiber port. You simply connect the house loudpeaker and the Box by Audio Optical Cable via the Audio Optical Fiber port.

Please sufficient enjoy the pure and Hi-Fi hearing please.

(The Audio Optical cable is required to be purchased individually)



6. Optional Accessories

composite-av-icon AV Composite Video Cable
flymouse-icon 2.4G Wireless Air Mouse (Flymouse)
wireless-keyboard-icon 2.4G Wireless Mini Keyboard
android-gamepad-icon Android Wireless Game Handle
webcam-icon High-definition Webcam, USB camera

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